ESCO Technologies:
A Solid Business Model

ESCO Technologies is a global provider of highly-engineered products and solutions to diverse and growing end-markets that include the aerospace, defense, space, healthcare, wireless, consumer electronics, electric utility, and renewable energy industries. We are focused on generating predictable and profitable long-term growth through continued innovation and expansion of our product offerings across each of our business segments.

Multi-Segment Business Platform

Our corporate strategy is centered on a multi-segment approach designed to enhance the strength and sustainability of sales and earnings growth by providing lower risk through diversification.

Market Leadership Positions

Our highly-engineered products and solutions and continual focus on new product innovation result in market leadership positions in niche markets across each of our business segments.

Defined and Sustainable Competitive Advantage

The proprietary nature of our highly-engineered, technology-driven products and services results in sustainable recurring revenue and growth opportunities across a diverse group of end markets.